The question has been asked, “When will Yoga with Goats begin to offer 2019 classes, allowing us [its followers] to resume signing up for classes on line?” After a successful introduction into the marketplace with 22 classes in Q3/Q4 during the summer & fall of 2018, we learned that Yoga with Goats appeals to all levels of experience; i.e. the long-term yoga enthusiast, as well as those who were trying yoga for the first time, with the added pleasure of having goats in tow. Our goats are highly energized with a playful spirit and personality, while interacting with our yoga participants. They are predictable in a fun way, whether jumping, running around, surfing on a back, cuddling, or simply nuzzling up next to you on your mat, the interaction and enjoyment of everyone is the reason why so many have become regulars and are eager for the experience over and over again…. which we absolutely LOVE! The entire team collectively responded with a why wait until spring, we have all the necessary tools to offer our followers what they are looking for now, so let’s announce the kickoff of our winter program for Sunday January 27th with an 8:30AM class. Namaste!

In addition to the regular $25.00 per individual class cost, as an added incentive the winter program offers 2 discounted pricing models: 5-class package @ a 20% discount = $100.00 or a 20-class package at a 40% discount = $300.00 (discounted classes can be purchased by visiting the website barn store followed by a call to Tom at 908.336.8174 to confirm & register for the class you would like to attend, after identifying it from the upcoming class schedule. The heated side porch where winter classes are held has a maximum class capacity of 10 participants, available on a first come first serve basis, so please register as soon as you can. Tickets are valid for 1 year from purchase date and can be used during our summer program.