What A View Yoga with Goats! 

led by instructor, Lenora Colarusso

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What A View Yoga With Goats


   As s a result of the successful launch and  outstanding summer activity the winter season has been accelerated to begin November 11th with a  Mommy & me Goat Yoga classs  

Upcoming classes, Mommy & Me, Nov 11th @ 10:30am,

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This yoga practice is geared toward  beginners, but all levels of experience are certainly welcomed to attend. We integrate each pose and breath in the life force, (prana) and breathe out the stresses of the day. We enjoy the serenity of our  bucolic surroundings  by embracing and taking it all in. Nothing is ever rushed. Impromtu laughter and goat cuddling is  an ongoing occurrence. 


Located on the Sourland Mountains, the beauty of the rolling hills where these classes take place outdoors have spectacular views of the valley. The presence and playful spirits of our family of Pygmy goats will leave you with a deep inner peace.

This style of yoga is suitable for anyone who likes animals or is interested in a new adventure or is already familiar with the advantages of playing with goats.  They will run & jump around, might stand on you, nudge, lightly nibble in a let's play manner, as they  get close and want to know you better. 

What's On Hand:

Mats, Bottled Water, Goats, Organic cleaner for those occasional goat mishap ( they are after-all animals)

and  Lots of fun!

What to Bring:

 A towel, open attitude, desire to have fun, and maybe meet additional What A View Farm animals.

What A View Yoga With Goats Will Travel!

What A View Yoga will customize a session with goats in support of your special event to be held at your approved location. Our goats have no problem coming to you. The What A View Goat team is happy to travel to you to help you celebrate your milestone event. Birthdays (Children/Adults), Anniversaries , Weddings or whatever the event.

What A View Yoga With Goats would be honored to be a part of your special fun day in celebration of your special event!     

What A View Goat Team


DOB (3.25.18) Loving  and curious, thinks he is a dog, wagging his tail constantly, and spending a great deal of time either in the house or trying to get more attention than anyone else.


DOB (3.25.18) A twin with Brownie, a brave little climber that will try to reach every height. Named Curly by Lenora as a  result of his curly ears.


DOB (2.18.18) Was quite initially, but has become more and more active with each passing day. She has a warm personality is a friendly character, and is as shy as a doe.


DOB (3.28.18) Twin with Curly, shy at first but will hop & run all over once he gets going. Very curious about everything, especially whatever his brother, Curly is doing.



DOB (10. 18. 14) Mother of Curly & Brownie and still keeps her twin boys near by!


DOB (4.5.18) Very boisterous and she loves attention!

DOB (4.5.18) Very boisterous and she loves attention!


In addition to being adorable Sam is extremely friendly, loveable and curious.

DOB (3.22.18) Obviously adorable, Sam is very friendly, curious, loveable and will spend ample time nuzzling.

Meet Lenora!

Lenora Colarusso, a Registered Nurse and Yoga instructor, is extremely proud of and  dedicated to her family,  

As the mother of five (5), one (1) adorable grandson and a marriage of thirty two (32) years, Her family spending time together on vacations and celebrating  life's accomplishments as a family are very important to her.

She is also highly committed to her ongoing education, the continuing development of her skills and craft  in delivering the most updated poses, methods and styles to her clients.

"As Lenora's spouse, it gives me great pride to see and hear the feedback from Lenora's many yoga students. It is quite evident that she reaches them in a very unique way" - Todd. 

"Yoga and meditation is my "medication". Through the simple act of breathing  (pranayama) and movement (asanas) I stay in the now and because of that I can make the conscious choice to be in a state of calm and peace. The practice has absolutely changed my life, balance and serenity is something I am so very grateful for. What a gift it is to approach every situation from this place of tranquility." - Lenora

Yoga Styles she specializes in:

Prana - certified at the Princeton center for Yoga & Health

Restorative - Princeton center for Yoga & Health

Creative Relaxation Yoga Therapy for Children with Special Needs -  Level 1 & 2 certifications completed

Mindful Yoga Therapy

Lenora is a certified  personal trainer - Reiki Practitioner. She is available to schedule individual yoga, personal training  or Reiki  sessions. Please give her a call directly at 609.439.2112 to learn more  about her customized programs.