What A View Yoga with Goats! 

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What A View Goat Team



DOB (3.25.18) Loving  and curious, thinks he is a dog, wagging his tail constantly, and spending a great deal of time either in the house or trying to get more attention than anyone else.



DOB (3.25.18) A twin with Brownie, a brave little climber that will try to reach every height. Named Curly by Lenora as a  result of his curly ears.



DOB (2.18.18) Was quite initially, but has become more and more active with each passing day. She has a warm personality is a friendly character, and is as shy as a doe.



DOB (3.28.18) Twin with Curly, shy at first but will hop & run all over once he gets going. Very curious about everything, especially whatever his brother, Curly is doing.



DOB (10. 18. 14) Mother of Curly & Brownie and still keeps her twin boys near by!


DOB (4.5.18) Very boisterous and she loves attention!

DOB (4.5.18) Very boisterous and she loves attention!

Private Parties

We also Provide Private Bookings Where you can have the whole goat yoga experience for you and your guests. We can even bring the goats to you!

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Meet Our Instructors!

What a View Farm is 100% committed to providing our yoga lovers with the most unique yoga experience supported by our family of goats. To this end we are pleased to announce the addition of two highly professional experienced yoga instructors who have joined The Yoga With Goats Team.

Our new team is eager to lead classes to the benefit of our followers going forward.

Chitra Pillai

Chitra was trained at "The Yoga Institute of Classical Yoga", the oldest known training school in the world based in Mumbai, India. Chitra logged over 900 hours of yoga instruction and is very committed to continued education and is proud of her growth and understanding of yoga. As she incorporates nuances into her teachings, you will understand what she means when you hear her say,

“I continue to learn while I teach”.

Chitra has been teaching in the U.S. since 1997 and continues to do so from a home based class, as well as local studios. She has taught well over 500 students, many on an ongoing basis. Chitra has received numerous endorsements from students as well as the organizers of adult education programs where she has taught. As a practitioner, Chitra directs all efforts by incorporating a healthy and balanced way of living toward the principles of the yoga way of life. As an early childhood educator, she now teaches the essential knowledge of yoga to her six year old students and the results have been amazing!

Chitra’s classes are known to be as meaningful as any yoga experience participants have ever had.

In addition to yoga with goats classes, Chitra teaches at SHADES OF BLISS and

Next Fit Club – both in Hillsborough.


Tony Kennette

Tony has been a yoga lover since the age of 5 when he first started watching his grandmother hold

poses during class. He stayed with it as he watched class after class mimicking the moves of his Grandmother. His love of yoga led him to the prestigious Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy

and Oriental Medicine in NYC, where he studied and followed an Eastern path focused on Acupressure, Shiatsu, and traditional Chinese medicine. He is a Reiki2 practitioner, and his yoga practice is a hybrid that is predominantly from Ashtanga Yoga. When not teaching an energized Yoga with Goats class, you will find Tony  in Somerville at the Bodhi Breathe Studio on Tuesdays and Thursdays, or at the Martenette farm owned by he and his wife Andrea in Hillsborough, NJ. Be sure to follow Tony on Instagram, @tonamaste and stay up to date.